Yes, it's October I have two lovely weeks off so Dan and I took off to spend time with our lovely son and his wife Jamie who live in sunny Florida.  Dan and I had the most wonderful flight.  I have never seen such clear skies the whole way.  O'kay there was a little turbalance the closer we got to Florida.  As soon as we landed we went to stand in line for our luggage and was surprised when the luggage arrived on an earlier flight.  

We rented a car and Chris discovered that we have this little sport model car that has a sun roof.  What fun!

We arrived at Chris' house to discover Baloo snarling and barking quite unfriendly.  Dan and I decided to fix the kids supper and while we talked and work the dog decided we were not going to harm him and start whinning.  Well, we decided to be brave and let him out and discovered a wonderful animal. Whew!

The kids arrived home to find supper waiting for them plus Dan and I did a little cleaning and really surprised the kids.  

The weather is sunny sometimes but when it is wow it gets really hot.  Chris has given Dan quite a list while we are here.  Let's see he would like us to put up a gate so that means sinking in posts into sand.  Dan of course told the kids we need to get bags of concrete otherwise the post can be easily removed by pulling up on them.  Darn sandy soil.  Also we are working on gutters because the slope isn't quite right from the last time Danny put them up.

We are also finding time to go to the beach and just read our books in between.  It's been quite fun helping the kids. Our next adventure is to find Joe on the East coast and spend a day with him. 

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Written by Irene Hendrickx   
Saturday, 08 September 2007
On August 22, 2007 a wonderful miracle happened.  Alexander Matthew came into this lovely world.  Dan and i got the lovely news about five days earlier.  Amy called saying her contractions were 20 min apart.  I never hurried so much in my lifew as to get lesson plans ready, papers runned off, and a game made for LAFF night.  Dan was busy making a toy box.  I told Dan to sand faster.  Two days later Amy called contractions were 15 min apart.  I yelled at Dan to paint faster.  Next night contractions were 10 min apart.  O'kay are bags are packed now.  Then on the evening of the 19th. Ben called they are headed for the hospital.  I just finidhed the LAFF games took them to work. I called everyone as we packed the car picked up Margaret and headed North.

At 1:30 A.M. Ben called and said they gave something to Amy to help her sleep.  We thought GREAT! We saw a hotel and headed for it and we got a good four hours of sleep before we got back on the road.  Well we missed the great birth.  Mellissa called and said Congratulations Grandma and I said is Amy O'kay?  She asked where was I? I said still driving to Minneapolis. Then I said is the baby O'kay?  I really wanted to be there but I was just so thankful that both mom and baby were fine.

The baby is perfect.  He is so good.  He loves to sleep and eat.  The things he doesn't care for are diaper changes, being uncovered and he hates not having any clothes on. It's wonderful to see all his little facial expressions.  He has quite a frown.  Pictures will be coming soon.

I lost my ditial camera in Minneapolis when I went back up to see Amy over Labor Day weekend.  I left it in the hotel room. I need to write about that exiciting trip as well.  Well have to run!
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