Right before we flew to Florida dad went into the hospital.  Dad's cogestive heart failure is getting worst.  Dad had a built up of fluid in his chest and immediately he was given antibotics.  Dad also hasn't been eating very well and his potassium levels were very low and dad got a wonderful drink. Dad is very difficult to understand and talks more Polish and less English plus he talk so softly no one can understand him even mom.  

Before dad went into the hospital, he was out in the yard picking up acorns and lost his balance.  Dad fell on the concrete and got 11 stitches in his head.  He has fallen several more times because he just doesn't have any strength in his legs. I have suggested getting dad a wlaker but he refuse.  I have also suggested a wheelchair or a motorized cart.  Dad has a cane but with how badly his hand shakes he is not doing well using his cane.

Dad is currently getting physical theraphy at the hospital, plus the doctor has changed his heart medicine, since we just found out that dad's heart is only functioning at 15%.  If dad goes home he will have oxygen and a walker. I just don't know how soon that will be if at all.  

Right now I'm calling the hospital every morning to get updates.  It's hard because every time I have called they have moved dad.

Oh, plus dad sleeps all day and is very active at night, which means he needs to have a bed alert on his bed. So please keep dad and mom in your prayers and thoughts and I will keep you posted as well.

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Welcome to Dan and Irene! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Web Master   
Saturday, 12 June 2004
This website is here so our dearest family and friends can get updates on our family.  
As mnay of you already know Chris lives in sunny Florida, Amy is up North in snowy Minnesota, and Mike lives in Illinois.  So with such a distance between locations this is one way we can stay updated.  Come often and enjoy!

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